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Fair, Honest and Experienced

About Me



I am an Account Manager with IVO Networks and also do public address announcing and site management for many Apollo sports.

I am a 1984 graduate of Apollo High School, the father of two Apollo graduates and the step-father to three Apollo graduates. I graduated from St. Cloud State University in 1989.

Being active in the community is important to me, having volunteered with the MN MS Society, SpareKey, Daughters of the American Revolution, Central MN Youth Soccer, Apollo Astronettes and the Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon over the last few years.

Active in Our Schools


I currently serves as the citizen member for the Board Legislative Committee along with being on the Superintendent’s Ad Hoc Student Activities Committee and the Student Activities Advisory Committee. I served on the Board from 2011-2014 and unsuccessfully ran for the Board in 2016. I'm proud of the awards I've received which include a 2007 Award of Excellence from the MN Elementary Principals Assoc, a 2009 ISD742 Partners in Education award and a 2009 Achievement in Education Award from the St. Cloud Morning and Central MN Noon Optimist Club. I have served on multiple bond leadership and school design committees. I have served as the Kennedy Community School PTA Co-President and President.

My Perspective

Each student is an individual, with talents and needs. We, as adults, are responsible for identifying those needs and talents and then designing an educational process around them. Our students are not a group test score, they are unique personalities with goals, successes - and failures - that our teachers, staff and parents, must be prepared to address.


Every Student Is Important


Let’s not rely on group MCA scores and the like to determine how we’re doing. Individual testing and monitoring of each student is a far more accurate indicator of success.

Let’s make sure the curriculum review cycle is being followed and that the input of all teachers and staff involved in those areas is utilized. If changes need to be made and they’re agreed on by the department, then move ahead with the changes.

We must make sure to adequately fund and support high-quality training for our teachers. The last legislative session saw an attempt to pass what they called additional funding by allowing districts to take from their teacher training budget. This is wrong and I would never support it.

Let’s continue to implement and evaluate ideas like co-teaching and “flipped learning”. Being open to adjustments in teaching methods allows our teachers to be there best.

Let’s continue to strategically implement and review our use of technology in the classroom. Allow trainers and teachers to collaborate and share their successes and failures.


The physical structure of Apollo is much the same as when I attended there in the early 1980's. But today, what is taught and how it's taught has changed dramatically. It's time to update the physical structure of Apollo.

The last referendum asked for $38.75 million to renovate Apollo. It failed. I believe that we now need to have Apollo teachers, staff and administration meet to discuss what changes they feel are necessary to the Apollo building. It's important to have those who are working in the building on a daily basis help define what change should be made to the structure that will allow it to be functional and effective for decades to come. 

I applaud the establishment of the "pilot classroom" at Apollo, a space that will help educators see what the future could hold. Let's take that knowledge and the input of the teacher and staff to develop an educationally sound and fiscally wise proposal. With the District Offices leaving Apollo, the time to act is now.

Can we achieve the building we need and do it for less than $38.75 million? I think it's worth a try!

Once we've completed the improvements to Apollo, I believe the District should explore the possibility of establishing a magnet high school in St. Joseph.


The District had made improvements to some buildings with regards to safety and security. This comes at a cost and we still have work to do in other buildings. I will work with our state and local legislators to ensure they understand our needs in this area and push that state funding to solve these issues is crucial to 742 and all districts.


District 742 provides exceptional Special Education programs and services. But these services come at a cost. Federal funding for special education is currently at 18% of cost although the target established by congress is 40%. State funding is essentially one established amount set for the entire state which is then divided up by all districts. The result is that District 742’s Special Education budget of $35,624,921 is only funded by $24,481,226 of state, federal and related dollars. The remaining $11,143,695 comes from a “cross subsidy” (i.e. taking money) from our General Education fund. 

We need to work with elected officials at both the state and federal level to increase Special Education funding. As a member of the Board, I will do that work. 


District 742 has so much to offer: outstanding educators, class offerings, technology and most of all - great kids. Far too often I still hear our District put in a negative light with comments that start with "I heard..." or "I was told...". These are negative points made on gossip or misinformation. While it may be impossible to completely eliminate these, we must do a better job of letting the public know our schools are great schools! 

Board members need to be present at and participate in civic organizations and events. 

Board members should plan and schedule time in our schools - time to shadow administrators, teachers and all staff. This is a time to listen and observe those who lead and guide our District.

My pledge to the residents of District 742 is this: I will be transparent in all my board work, acting in an open and honest manner. I will always speak the truth and monitor that my colleagues do the same. I will earn your trust by being student focused, financially responsible and an advocate for our entire district.


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